“Its about having the courage to step outside the circumference of what you've been expected to be in life. Becoming your own hero.." says EBONY BONES, producer, singer, songwriter and musical law onto herself. Informed by such diverse artists as PiL, Siouxie Soux, Public Enemy, The Slits, Gang Of Four, Fela Kuti and X-Ray Specs - Ebony's introduction to music came as a young girl selling music in Brixton Market on her father's music stall."I mainly sat there listening to anything I could get my hands on. I became quite obsessed with production and the producers behind some of the artist's I loved like Brian Eno, Quincy Jones, Butch Vig, Nile Rodgers etc - these were my childhood heroes

Born into Thatcher's Britain in the early 80s, the whole United Kingdom was affected by a recession, but the local African-Caribbean community was suffering particularly higher than average unemployment and poor housing with high crime rates. The Clashʼs “Guns of Brixton” anthem pre-dates the Brixton uprising, fires and riots, but perfectly captures the growing mood of discontent and anger on the streets. "Born In Flames, is Part 1 of the new LP. The title references my introduction to the world as I saw it. Also happens to be one of my favourite 80's sci-fi films."

Music, theatre and art became an escape, eventually winning a place at the renowned Sylvia Young Theatre School where she studied drama, musical theatre and dance alongside classmate Amy WInehouse. "There was alot of jazz-hands going on behind those walls, which I had a huge issue with at first, but I was determined to soak everything up and fit as much information into my brain as possible.They were brutally honest at the school, I remember the day one of my teachers stressed that only 2% of the class would ever go onto have a career in entertainment, if we were lucky." Her lucky break would come in the form of Tony award winning actor Mark Rylance, who as Director of The Shakespeare Globe cast a young Ebony in his production of Macbeth starring Jane Horrocks, then at age 16 she turned to the small screen starring in the UK television show Family Affairs. A successful acting career beckoned and, for a while, seemed to be Ebony's destined path. "Growing up in the UK I saw a huge deficit of people of colour ontelevision, so I was happy to star in the show, however I never stopped writing music."

It was during this time a chance meeting with punk icon Rat Scabbies drummer of The Damned, would give Ebony's resolve to be an artist a boost. "Somehow he had heard a demo I had made in my kitchen called 'No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs' which sampled Delta 5's 'Mind Your Own Business'. He loved it, but said I needed a name and called me EBONY BONES. He became my live drummer and encouraged me to learn how to Produce music, write and play on my own tracks and always stressed the importance of self- reliance ..or DIY as he'd put it." EBONY BONES worked-up a series of four self-produced tracks onto a demo including the Orwellian-themed 'We Know All About U' which became her calling card to the music industry. An addictive melting-pot of post-punk, indie-disco and haunting electronica. Ebony only pressed 500 7'inch vinyl copies of 'We Know All About U' but that was enough for her to go on and win the instant support of DJs and media – becoming Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 'Hottest Record in The World'.

Named by Time Out Magazine as one of ‘4O Men & Women Who Make London’ Ebony was requested by Cee Lo Green as the opening act for his European Tour in 2O11, aswell as Damon Albarn's Africa Express, co-writing and featuring on Amadou & Mariam's 2013 Grammy nominated album Folila. Following her debut LP 'Bone Of My Bones', released independently in Europe during 2009 featuring 'W.A.R.R.I.O.R' - EBONY BONES stepped up the production for her follow up, heading from Brixton to Bombay to record alongside members of The Symphony Orchestra of India, and began work on her second album 'Behold, A Pale Horse’

"There's a constant battle in my mind ,I've had since a child. I'm constantly questioning my surroundings aswell as myself. Working out my place in the world. Its these questions that shape my work." Self released in August via her own label 1984 Records, the album conceptually split into two 'Acts' Part II of the upcoming LP Behold, A Pale Horse is called 'When The Battle's Lost & Won'. A reference to Shakespeare's Macbeth and her introduction to the stage as a young actress alongside Mark Rylance, whom she credits for her theatrical live shows. "Mark was instrumental in giving me a focus for my creative energies". Returning to England to work alongside The New London Children's Choir for her rendition of The Smith's 'What Difference Does It Make', EBONY BONES collaborated with NYC's Poverty Row Ent. to direct new music video 'Bread & Circus' created by Julia Delia and Al Pacino’s daughter Julie Pacino - remixed by Liquid Liquid's Sal P. "I strongly believe that one of life's purposes is to reach your full potential and inspire others to do the same. I like to challenge myself by stepping




Ebony Bones