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Samurai, by Joakim is released on Tigersushi / Because on March 17, 2017


Since 1999, when he released his debut album as Joakim Lone Octet on Future Talk, Joakim has been a tough musician to pinpoint.


An ex piano student at the Conservatory, the man has taken great pains (and pride?) to avoid being pigeonholed and has grown on the outskirts of the French Touch and international Club scenes, becoming one of their major players but refusing to associate with any crew, style or genre.


Year after year, Joakim has gathered experiences that confirm his global vision of music and explored many facets of the musical spectrum: a musician with five albums under his belt; an outstanding DJ with a huge musical spectrum; a label founder and manager (Tigersushi and the recent vinyl-only Crowdspacer imprint); a self-taught graphic designer (he designs his record covers and most of the label’s artworks); a producer (for Panico, Poni Hoax, Zombie Zombie, Y.O.U., Montevideo…); a high-profile remixer (Antena, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Todd Terje etc…); a fashion enthusiast (he launched Tigersushi Furs with his cousin); a sound designer for catwalks (Chanel, Margiela, Balenciaga); and a step into contemporary art, working on Camille Henrot’s installations and videos (who won the Silver Lion at the 2013 Venice Biennale with the video Grosse Fatigue) or making his own sound installations (Gwangju Biennale in 2014 curated by Jessica Morgan).

You can find his latest album sampler here.


Single "Samurai"

Single „Numb“

EP „Daemon“ on Life and Death


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