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One solution fits all is not our thing.

For each and every client we see the big picture and start from scratch in order to come up with the most original and individual solution for your project. We take personal pride in offering out of the box ideas that are based on a strong network of artists, journalists, content creators, influencers as well as video and music producers so turn your branded event into a unique experience. 

With this approach we got appointed to musical supervise no other than Soundcloud's and Eyeem's summer and Christmas parties. 

For Audi's 3 week long dealer convention in Barcelona we put together a tailor-made and meticulously crafted line-up to meet their international sales staff's challenging taste and fill their evenings with delightful entertainment.

In 2013 we had the opportunity to curate the closing event of the Red Music Academy Berlin together with their talent team which entrusted us in the event management as well to turn this once in a lifetime event into a sold out party. 

Nickelodeon appointed Fling to create a unique dining experience for the heads of marketing where we arranged a pop up supper club based on the theme "Bikini Bottom" (Spongebob's realm). 

These are just examples to name a few. What can we do for you ?

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Music Consulting

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