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Der Nachtmahr

Der Nachtmahr
DER NACHTMAHR Trailer German Deutsch (2015) Horror aus Deutschland
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FLING took care of all music-related press for this genre movie since it was scored by no other than Boyz Noise, Alec Empire of Atari Teenage Riot and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.

To market this screen play in an out-of-the box fashion FLING wrote the concept of a pop-up cinema tour that would show the movie inside hand picked selection of German clubs such as Übel & Gefährlich in Hamburg and Harry Klein Munich in order to reach a younger and club enthusiastic audience.

Fling got appointed to create the strategy and language of the movie's social media appearance from A to Z.


About "Der Nachtmahr":

“Tina is 17 years old and seemingly has everything a girl her age could wish for. But one night after an intense party, she begins having severe nightmares. From this point forward she is haunted daily by a profoundly hideous creature. Her parents do not believe her story. The only one with whom she talks about her fears is her psychiatrist. He encourages her to get in touch with the creature. At first Tina refuses to, but after she overhears her parents’ plans to put her in a mental hospital, she overcomes her fear and begins talking to creature…” (K5 International) “AKIZ spent the last several years developing the project, and the effort shows in each tiny detail. The creature design alone – which is based off the director’s own vision – is impressive in its understated execution. The CGI creation, with its distinctive knotty hunchback, mottled skin, and slanted, milky eyes, looks deceptively real (I actually thought it was an animatronic), a quality enhanced by the addition of soft, animal-like purrs, whimpers, and groans. Its presence is fully realized by an intense performance from Genzkow, who reacts to each sighting with such conviction and full-on delirium one can almost see the adrenaline pumping through her veins. (…)” (The Film Stage, Amanda Waltz)

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