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The prestigious X-FIlme asked Fling to come up with a strategy to market "Es lebe der Punk" outside their regular Film PR funnels. Since the movie is about the early punk music scene in West berlin in the early 80's, we created a nationwide band contest in order to attract attention and an early bonding with a younger music interested audience. Broadcasted via a smart selection of media outlets such as INTRO magazine and RADIO EINS we got a amazing feedback. The back-then unknown band MILLIARDEN were selected by the director Oskar Roehler and main cast Tom Schilling themselves, got their winning song cut into the movie, signed and released their debut album on Universal records the same month the movie was released and performed at the premiere event. Additionally we could set up a brand deal with Our Vodka who provided a special customized limited selection of their locally distilled vodka. Cross marketing par excellence.


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