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Fling is taking care of the international PR of STRRR launching in May 2017.


STRRR – Real Recognize Real

STRRR is the future of horizon-expanding television, where superstars and brilliant newcomers hailing from the world of music, art, design, film, and fashion present their favorite clips, films, and videos through the nearly unlimited archives of YouTube and Vimeo. Each meticulously crafted episode presents a self-portrait of the selector which allows the public never before seen insight into their life and work. In STRRR's first season, Vera von Lehndorff (“Blow-up”), DJ Hell, Alec Empire, H.P. Baxxter, pianist Alice Sara Ott, the award-winning director Ana Lily Amirpour, art curator Markus Müller (Venice Biennale 2015), “Kompakt” cofounder Wolfgang Voigt and UK Grime shooting star Shogun give in- depth interviews in which they speak about important clips that played a key role in terms of influencing their lives and careers.

The editorial team is led by Max Dax (former editor-in-chief of Spex and Electronic Beats). STRRR's long-term goal: to create a deep bond between creator and audience. Max explains: “STRRR depicts important social, human topics as well as pop-cultural sensations. The viewer is experiencing the celebrities' key media encounters from their vantage point.”

STRRR is the answer to media usage that has increasingly become controlled by algorithms. Everyone is familiar with suggestive phrases like “This might be of interest to you” or “You might also enjoy this video” and the accompanying numbing feeling that comes with being caught in a YouTube black hole. Carefully chosen selectors replace the role of artificial intelligence with STRRR. They curate the Internet from an unprecedented perspective, presenting thematic topics and giving the viewer a new approach to the world's largest video archives. Many of us remember the golden age when music television was still music television. A time in which people sat spellbound in front of the TV, continuously experiencing the new, the undiscovered, and the unheard of through the filter of the era's greatest tastemakers.

"At STRRR, we value people more than algorithms," Daniel Brandt, founder and CEO of STRRR, explains. "STRRR broadcasts Internet TV formats that no search engine or recommendation algorithm could ever replicate. STRRR stands for a human, and therefore always surprising take on the culture that connects us in the digital age. This approach is embedded into each selector's DNA.”

STRRR's editorial team is based in Berlin – the capital of international art, media, and music. The majority of the first season's episodes were also produced here. Max Dax and Daniel Brandt work with a close team of correspondents all across the United
States and Europe.

A few months after launch, the platform will broadcast a fixed schedule with 24-hour programming, marking a deliberate step in revitalizing a television culture which has been forgotten by many. “At this point in time, content is available at all times, no matter where you are. That sense of togetherness which used to belong to television was lost.

A fixed schedule fosters a sense of community. This is exactly what STRRR has to offer. Additionally, the chat allows users to interact with the community during the broadcast,” Philip L explains (founder and CFO STRRR). Every episode will be available on demand through the daily growing archive, in case one does miss a program.

Markus Müller (co-curator Documenta 11 and Venice Biennale 2015): “STRRR identified one of humanity's largest problems in the digital age and counters our arbitrary and algorithm based media consumption habits with the cinematic memory of interesting international personalities.”

In terms of subjects covered, STRRR has no boundaries as the number of host-selectors is constantly expanding. Both the underground scene and larger, society-based themes are meant to play an equally important role. Neither the newest nor the most sensationalized clips are the focus, but rather a decelerated yet entertaining form of storytelling.

STRRR ( launches in May 2017 and is free. STRRR can be experienced via a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Apps for Smart TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV will be available in the future.

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